SPARKLE's 7 steps to Mindfulness

Trying to manage a never-ending list of project deadlines, presentations and emails as well as dealing with difficult relationships, means life at the office can get pretty stressful sometimes.

Mindfulness is no longer a nicety, but a key factor in creating a calm, clear and positive energy in the workplace. It helps foster meaningful, engaging relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers, resulting in elevated performance and productivity.

Some of the world's largest organisations have incorporated meditation and mindfulness into their well being programs, including Google, Apple and Intel. Even Harvard has unveiled a MRI study proving that meditation rebuilds the brain's gray matter in just 8 weeks.

Meditation and/or mindfulness doesn't necessarily mean sitting crossed legged on the floor, chanting mantras. Not that there's anything wrong with that. If that's what works for you, keep it up. However for some, it's a step too far. A simple approach of adopting mindfulness on the spot, as a practical checklist in your mind, can help you get calm and clear in any given situation.

After decades of trying many different styles, I realised the most simple ones are the ones that have worked best for me. I have developed a 7 step process to bring me back to balance in moments of stress in any situation. Try it out and see if this could work for you;

SPARKLE's 7 steps to Mindfulness

Settle - relax your body, scan it, head to toes.

Present - let go of the past, forget about the future. Be here, right now.

Attention - pay it, what's the focus?

Responsibility - Take it - what's mine here?

Kindness - how can I be more kind to myself

and others in this situation?

Light up - tap into your inner passion, the fire in your belly, whatever it is that lights you up. Feel it grow inside you.

Engage - use your last step to fuel you to move, to take action, now.

This can be used as a 20 minute sit down meditation, or as quick as it takes to say each word in your head. Don't take my word for it, try it out.

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In the meantime,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sinéad McCauley is a deeply curious human. An original Derry girl, inspired by the resilience and humour of people in conflict, her life’s mission is to find out and share what makes people tick. Her background in science, corporate marketing, martial arts and mindfulness has led her on many adventures, including sleeping in the desert with the Bedouin, climbing frozen waterfalls in the Alps, journeying into the subconscious with a Peruvian shaman and training with some of the most prestigious Tai Chi masters on the planet. She is an advocate for empowering people with intellectual disabilities and volunteers as a mental fitness coach to Special Olympics athletes. She advises on culture transformation, making work more human and how to get your SPARKLE back.

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