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We all rock at

being human

especially when we  are 
being ourselves

I help leaders to dig deep, find their sparkle and work more human


I am a deeply curious human.


An original Derry girl, inspired by the resilience and humour of people in conflict, my life’s mission is to explore and share what it is that makes us tick.


My background in science, marketing, martial arts and wellness has led me on many adventures, including sleeping in the desert with the Bedouin, climbing frozen waterfalls in the Alps, journeying into the subconscious with a Peruvian shaman and training with some of the most prestigious Tai Chi masters on the planet.


I'm an advocate for empowering people with intellectual disabilities and I volunteer professionally as an Athlete Leadership coach to Special Olympics athletes.


I provide methods to support culture transformation, to make work more human and to help employees get their SPARKLE back.

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I'm about balance and keeping it real.

I listen really well and say it straight, no BS.

I'm warm and open minded.

I’ve been through it, you’ll feel it.

I want to make a difference.

I'm not afraid to dream and push boundaries .

I'm happy rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in.

I've faith in the true nature of people and the changes we can make when we come together.


 I continue to be in awe and respect of Sinéad's experience, knowledge and skill she brings to every workshop or programme we have offered our Special Olympics athletes. Her ability to adapt to athletes needs or energy is seamless.

Cáit Donnelly

Health & Wellbeing Coordinator


Nuala O'Donnovan

Sports Inclusion & Integration Officer


If anyone knows the depth and sincerity behind your work...it's me. You have helped me to find my inner SPARKLE and shine brighter than I ever thought possible. I wish you every success in your new venture.

Michelle McKenna

Tai Chi Teacher


 Sinead's approach is person centered, she knows and understands each person's capabilities and finds alternative ways for each individual to be involved in the class. The atmosphere created in the room is beautiful, everyone leaves feeling better, more relaxed and cared for. 

Catherine Whelan

Centre Manager


Everyone had a very positive experience due to the expertise of Sinéad and Charles  They were able to pitch each workshop to the exact needs of each group and move through the session at an appropriate pace. We can’t wait to have them back to work with us again” 

It was something I felt that I could connect with. It reminded me of a programme we did in school which helped with my dyslexia. It relaxes me right down, I can feel all the stress and negative energy just going out through my fingertips, I can feel it just going down. 

Grace Hamilton



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