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 Evidence Based

 Wellbeing Strategies

& Behaviours


Trust, Loyalty, Engagement

& Productivity.

Robots don't have


Artificial intelligence and automation are driving us to focus on what it is, that makes us human.

We feel.


How emotionally intelligent we are is a critical factor in determining how successful we are as leaders. Having a heart at work is changing how we do business for the better. 

Soft skills for professionals.

Discover innovative ways to be truly human with your colleagues, customers and suppliers and create meaningful relationships using evidence-based techniques.

Collaboration with forward thinking humans who put their people first.

New leadership is a matter of self realisation and harmony

Lao Tzu



Great leaders make us feel safe, valued, appreciated and inspire us to be our best.

Using techniques from the fields of mindfulness, martial arts and science, leaders can foster trust through vulnerability and transparency.

Learn to lead from the heart with SPARKLE Leadership Programs below.



Happy and cared for employees are engaging, productive and loyal.


Empower your team with self care skills while delivering for your customers.


SPARKLE's Human @ Work signature mindfulness course demystifies mindfulness and provides real solutions to de-
stress and work happy.


Human @ Work

SPARKLE's signature mindfulness course is practical, down to earth and provides essential skills for;

Feeling safe & inspired at work

Dealing with stressful situations

Developing patience & empathy

Clear Communication

Better relationships

Boosting energy levels & mood

Improving focus and memory

Enhancing creativity & innovation

Engaging & productive meetings

Better work / life balance

 10 participants

90mins x 10 weeks

SPARKLE Leadership programs 

Embody authentic leadership skills using focused, disciplined practices distilled from the fields of neuroscience, mindfulness and martial arts. 

Human Leadership

Stay calm, clear and grounded under pressure, to become an inspiring, approachable and relatable leader who gets things done.

1 - 10 participants

4 days

Human Teams

Enhance communication and cooperation using yin / yang sensitivity training, to build trust, compassion and understanding with each other.

4 - 20 participants

3 days

Human Workplace

Develop a richer connection with your team, your suppliers and your customers to create a safe, kind and fair workplace culture.

 10+ participants

Duration Varies

'Soft' Skills

Improve emotional intelligence and manage conflict better. Read body language clearly and respond appropriately and with empathy.

2 - 10 participants

1 - 3 days

Mental Fitness

Take back your power by reducing anxiety and fear and improving well being, to create a better work / life balance for you and your family. 

2 - 20 participants

60mins x 10 weeks


Balance inner calm with mountain expeditions to create the perfect opportunity for your team to unite and overcome obstacles together.

2 - 10 participants

1 - 4 days

Behaviour change begins with awareness.
Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Karl Jung



Great leaders understand the importance of self realisation and harmony. Mastery comes with skillful practice and the ability to connect to the wisdom beneath the mind chatter.

Ground your vision into reality

with simple daily practices to make it happen


Learn how to focus with calm clarity using the latest in neuroscience along with mindfulness, meditation, intention and

a sword!


Disciplined Chi Kung practices ground vision and purpose into the physical body to become an embodied reality for you and your team.


Understand and develop the less tangible energies
of emotion and feeling to better communicate and align with your authentic self.


Create an authentic culture of trust compassion and kindness to gain loyal relationships  and elevated morale.

Step out of your shadow

With simple daily practices to take control of​



panic attacks

stage fright



creative block


frustration & anger


Reconnect with your inner swashbuckler as we explore our inner and outer worlds together. There's nothing like hanging off a mountain ledge to bring a team together.
when it's safe again ;)
It takes grit to truly


Everyone has it, but for some, it has lost its luster.
My mission is to help you reconnect with your inner SPARKLE
so you can shine bright and inspire others to do the same. 


A crucial leadership skill that gives access to bigger perspectives, better focus, more authentic relationships, enhanced performance and a calmer, happier you.
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